Land South got its start in 2002 when Rob Harper and Brian Philpot teamed up to buy 6,200 acres of timberland in rural South Carolina. Land South then acquired over 350,000 acres through out the Southeast. In 2004, they recognized the bubble growing in the market and decided to sell. By 2007, Land South had sold almost all of its holdings, generating over 200% in returns.

Throughout the years we have taken part in all aspects of the real estate world. Today, the company is a leading real estate investor specializing in the acquisition and sale of large parcels of land, real estate development, real estate sales and management, residential real estate, broadcast towers, mobile home parks, warehousing, real estate consulting, lending, and fund management.


  • Over $300,000,000 in sales of timberland throughout the Southeast (Acquisition and sale)
  • Joshua Creek – largest land purchase by the State of Florida (Acquisition and sale)
  • Sale of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park to Lego Land (Acquisition and sale)
  • Acquisition and management of several hundred residential properties